关于安徽阜阳的英语作文带翻译 我的家乡英语作文50字安徽

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    关于安徽阜阳的英语作文带翻译 我的家乡英语作文50字安徽?


    阜阳八里河风景区翻译成英文为Bali River Scenic Spot(八里河风景区)


    I had a great vacation last summer.I went to Beijing with my friends. We went there by train.There were many people on the train.It took us more than four hours to get to Beijing.We visited the Summer Palace.It was really beautiful.We went to the Great Wall.It was wonderful.We spent about three hours getting to the top.We saw some foreigners. We took some photos with foreigners .We went to Wangfujing Street .We did some shopping.We ate Beijing Duck .it was really delicious.We enjoyed ourselves.


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